Human Resources

Verified Services

    • Fingerprint Services

MCHC has worked with the State of Illinois  to give members a choice for complying with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) fingerprint requirements. MCHC has two options to assist members with compliance: On-site LiveScan Program and Collection Network Program.

MCHC and Accurate Biometrics worked together to make compliance with the IDPH health care worker fingerprint-based background checks easy, convenient, and cost effective for MCHC members.

      • Employment Screening Services

Verified Services provides full-service pre-employment screening services. Participating health care organizations may choose á la carte verification services or opt for a customized package with additional add-on verification checks.

      • Illinois Criminal Background Check: Name-based
      • Illinois Criminal Background Check: Fingerprint-based
      • Illinois Sex Offender Registry Check
      • Medicare/OIG Sanctions Check
      • Medicare Sanction Check (Federal)
      • Medicare Sanction Check (Illinois)
      • Specially Designated Nationals (SDN, Federal)
      • Credential Verification (professional license)
      • Drivers License and Record Verification
      • Education Verification
      • Employment Verification
      • Out of State Criminal Background
      • Personal/Business Reference Verification
      • Social Security Number Verification


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