Human Resources

Human Capital Survey Services

Human Capital Services (HCS) surveys provide members with valuable benchmarking data to assist them in developing best practices in the areas of recruiting, retention, compensation and benefits. Our compensation survey reports and custom cuts are now available online in both PDF and Excel.

The HCS Annual Compensation and Benefits Survey Package consists of the January Non-Management Survey, January Management Survey, July Non-Management Survey and the Employee Benefits Survey. Additionally, we offer the HR Metrics Package which includes the Quarterly Turnover Survey, January and July Vacancy Survey, January and July Time to Fill Survey, and the Annual HR Staff Ratio Survey. For more information, contact Kelly Cahill, Director, HCS, 312-906-6070 |

    • Surveys Available to Members Include:

Non-Management Compensation Survey: Provides salary and compensation data on 150 professional, technical, service and clerical health care positions.

Management Compensation Survey: Provides salary data on 100+ vice president, director and management positions.

Employee Benefits Survey: Presents data and analysis of employee benefits provided by member organizations.

Hot Jobs Compensation Survey: Offers compensation data on a rotating list of approximately 20 in-demand positions and RN specialties.

Senior Executive Compensation Survey: Offered in partnership with Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, provides compensation and benefits data for CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO, Patient Care Executives, Nursing Services Executives, CHRO, and Legal Services Executive for hospitals and systems. The survey is conducted annually in March.

Quarterly Turnover Survey: Offers statistics organized by common group categories, job classification and reason for separation for full-time, part-time and casual/zero-hour employees.

Vacancy Survey: Provides a snapshot of vacancy rates on January 1 and July 1 of each year for approximately 30 benchmark positions.

Time-to-Fill Survey: Provides average days from requisition to acceptance and to start date for approximately 30 benchmark positions.

HR Staff Ratio Survey: Details exempt and non-exempt HR Staff to employee ratios on an annual basis.

Medical Practice Staff Compensation Survey: Collects data on over 50 positions at medical and physician practices, and ambulatory, immediate care and stand-alone surgery centers.

Commissioned Compensation Surveys: Can be requested by member organizations. These surveys provide aggregate salary information about a specific position from a select group of health care organizations.