Human Capital Services

Verified Services

    • Fingerprint Services

MCHC has worked with the State of Illinois  to give members a choice for complying with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) fingerprint requirements and is one of the requestors of fingerprints in the state. MCHC has developed two options to assist members with compliance: On-site LiveScan Program and Collection Network Program.

MCHC and Accurate Biometrics have worked together to make compliance with the IDPH health care worker fingerprint-based background checks easy, convenient, and cost effective for MCHC members.

      • Employment Screening Services

Verified Services provides full-service pre-employment screening services. Participating health care organizations may choose á la carte verification services or opt for a customized package with additional add-on verification checks.

      • Illinois Criminal Background Check: Name-based
      • Illinois Criminal Background Check: Fingerprint-based
      • Illinois Sex Offender Registry Check
      • Medicare/OIG Sanctions Check
      • Medicare Sanction Check (Federal)
      • Medicare Sanction Check (Illinois)
      • Specially Designated Nationals (SDN, Federal)
      • Credential Verification (professional license)
      • Drivers License and Record Verification
      • Education Verification
      • Employment Verification
      • Out of State Criminal Background
      • Personal/Business Reference Verification
      • Social Security Number Verification


Contact: Kelly Cahill, Manager, Human Capital Services, 312-906-6070 |

Contact: Gary L. Drain, Senior Director, Human Capital Services, 312-906-6026 | gdrain@mchc.