Human Capital Services

Unemployment Compensation Administration Program

The Unemployment Compensation Administration Program (UCAP) helps member Human Resource departments control the cost of unemployment insurance (UI) claims by providing comprehensive claims administration services, management training, statistical analyses, comparative data and educational programs. Now, in its 40th year, UCAP has grown to serve over 101 Illinois health care organizations, representing 101,000 full-time and part-time health care employees.


UCAP Services

UCAP processes UI claims for participating member organizations, to ensure that only those claimants who are entitled to receive unemployment benefits actually collect. Staff monitors all claims throughout each stage of the appeals process.


UCAP Informational Services

UCAP sponsors several management workshops on progressive discipline, documentation and UCAP procedure reviews to assist health care managers and supervisors in handling unemployment claims. Participating organizations receive individualized quarterly and annual activity reports, enabling the organization to compare their unemployment costs to those of other UCAP participants, as well as to metropolitan and regional norms.


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For more information regarding UCAP, please contact Kelly Ray, Manager, UCAP Services, 312-906-6025 |