Finance & Reimbursement

MCHC’s Finance and Reimbursement Services department helps member hospitals keep abreast of complex industry regulations, payment rules, and documentation necessary for appropriate Medicare reimbursement. It also supports hospitals’ strategic planning efforts by sharing current utilization data.

The monthly FLASH Survey compiles and trends key hospital utilization statistics and is offered at no charge to MCHC member hospitals agreeing to share their current inpatient and outpatient data.

The Wage Index Service offers member hospitals valuable resources for submitting accurate wage and fringe benefit data used for calculating the area wage index for setting Medicare payment rates. Included are the Wage Index Navigator (WIN) software and comprehensive wage index reviews by our partner Crowe Horwath, LLP.

The Wage Index Appeals Service coordinates group appeals challenging the use of erroneous data to establish the Medicare area wage index for MCHC member hospitals.

The Medicare Wage Index Geographic Reclassification Request Service coordinates efforts and provides assistance to help metropolitan-area hospitals receive appropriate wage-adjusted Medicare reimbursement.

Contact: Susan Melczer, Director, Patient Financial Services, 312-906-6007 |