Employee Benefits Advisory Services

At MCHC, Employee Benefits Advisory Services (EBAS) has long been a cornerstone of the value added services we bring to members.

The program continues to build on its 30-year history as MCHC works diligently to respond to members’ needs in this ever-changing health care environment — now including health care exchanges, preferred provider health plans, incentive-based provider reimbursements and consumer health management and engagement.

MCHC is proud to offer health care providers, as employers, a suite of employee benefit services that will assist in cost reduction, while enhancing participant experience.

    • Insurance Products

Land of Lincoln Health and Humana Health Insurance: Administrative Services Only for LLH and Humana, and Fully Insured LLH employee benefit offerings to support your internal medical, pharmacy and reinsurance programs. EBAS continues to negotiate on a group purchasing platform to provide the best rates to our membership.

Funds Withheld Reinsurance Program: MCHC’s new “Funds Withheld” program dramatically lowers premiums, while you continue to utilize your current third-party administrators (TPA) and individual stop-loss deductibles. Variable at-risk dollars – “Excess Funds” or “Funds Withheld” – are held in trust by MCHC for claims exceeding your deductible; and at year end, the net amount is transferred to you and recorded as income. If the Excess Funds are fully exhausted during the year, then all additional claims are covered at 100 percent. You realize a cash gain, while receiving a premium savings, with no additional risk.

Insurance Point Life and Disability Program: MCHC Group Life and Disability Insurance offering includes a complimentary cost savings analysis with expected minimum premiums savings of approximately 10-plus percent verses in-force rates. As a turnkey solution, this programs offers flexibility and value, while minimizing the work of our member organizations’ human resources departments.

  • Revenue Generation and Cost Containment

EBAS Reporting and Analytics: These services are designed to continue equipping providers with relevant and timely employee benefits data necessary to conduct daily operations, while also providing information to support human resource department business decisions.

Claims and Dependent Audits by BMI Audit Services: As a Voluntary Employee Benefit Arrangement Trust management organization, MCHC has worked with payers to manage claims and ensure compliance with benefit plan design, contractual obligations and dependent eligibility. We will now bring this experience to the marketplace to promote TPA and Pharmacy Benefit Manager contract compliance with performance guarantees and industry accuracy standards, validating dependent population eligibility.

Strategic Health Services Population Health Solution: Our population health management program includes biometrics screenings, wellness initiatives and individualized health coaching. Population Health Management is more than a wellness program; it is a lifestyle and change management program!

WellTrackONE: With WellTrackONE, MCHC members and their physicians are provided a significant revenue advantage along with enhanced care for Medicare seniors. Patient assessment software assists hospitals in predicting risk of chronic disease and catastrophic injury, generates comprehensive baseline reports detailing modifiable risk factors and outlines preventative goals and measurable data derived from patients’ Medicare Annual Wellness Visits.

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